Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Nothing wrong

with drink



in moderation

indeed so,

Most of us go over the top sometimes

indeed so

Ever really thought why you take them?

They make you happy

They give you excitement

A lift

And over time they change your reality by altering your mind

Each one has a price and unfortunately most of us have paid that price at some time or another

Often we do not realise the price until quite late in the day


Over time they lose their novelty value and with some you need to take more just to get to the same state

Look at yourself are you enjoying life as you thought you would?

If not then consider moving to another state

One where you need no artificial stimulants

Make nature your drug of choice

Change your perceptions

Change your mind

Nature costs less than man made stimulants

It might not sound so much fun

Over time though you find how pleasurable it is

No downside

No recovery necessary from beauty

Just keeps growing

Your choice

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