Saturday, September 17, 2005

Love we all need it

Last night for the first time in a long while I went out to a bar with a live Swedish blues band and very good they were too.
Everyone seemed happy and being a Friday night plenty of "pick ups" were being considered..........when watching more closely one could observe that many were of sexual bias, given that this was a Friday night, why not?
Just a thought occured how many people understand what happens when we turn on to each other? On a Friday night who cares?
On any other day we care because all of us would like to experience love, and so few people we know seem to really pull it off........... Love as opposed to sex that is.
Love is complex and rather than go deeply into it here I would rather make one statement that might be found helpful.
All of us come into any new relationship with our life experiences good and bad, in other words our histories, our stories.
Ever thought that these histories are often what stop us fully committing to each other?
Every time we experience pain we put up defences to avoid being hurt again, and these lead to us hiding things from each other................ then so often we find the other person blocked, so we break up and move on........................... and guess what more pain, more hurt.
The degree to which we can share is the degree to which our relationship can lead to real love.
There is only one real love and it's unconditional, no strings no hiding things..................
May you find love!

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