Monday, September 19, 2005

Dog's life

It barks at anything and then again it barks at nothing at all.
It drives the neighbours crazy, some shout at it, notihng stops it barking day in day out night in night out.
The owner does not care and this being Spain there is little that can be done.
Initially I too was frustrated by this dog and had vivid images of what I would like to do to it.
I spoke with the owner who said how sorry she was, and how yes she would muzzle it.
All to no avail, so then I started thinking first why the owner would want such a dog and realised that she lives on the ground floor of a building and presunably finds the dog protective.
And the dog? Poor animal shut in a small enclosure seldom exercised, unable to see beyond his enclosure, I guess his frustration must be more thn in day out!
So I have stopped letting the noise worry me and am more relaxed about it.
So often we let things that "just are" annoy us and take our energy.
Over a lifetime this loss of energy is considerable not to mention how grumbly it make us.
What a waste and once we become more conscious about this we can see how unhelpful it is.
Make it your business not to get upset or involved with things that "just are"
Funny thing it seems that the dog barks less now!

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