Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans."

The above is a quote from the late John Lennon, who at times caught things just as they are. This quote applies to so many of us as we go through life wishing, fantasizing, projecting and just plain being anywhere else from where we are in reality..................it happened, maybe to a friend of ours this morning, however the full details are not in yet.
Just heard that he had a head on car crash and is now in hospital while the driver of the other car is in intensive care at the same hospital.
From one moment to the next their lives are altered maybe for life. Bam!!
So often we behave as if our life is ordained to continue as we wish for ever and ever.
No way!!
Most of us have been confronted with situations that change our life from one moment to the next.
What is the wisdom that we can take from these situations?
Surely it must be that we learn to welcome change, learn to handle change?
Not to be fixated on what we want or project............
Learn to accept with equinimnity that "life is what happems to us while we are busy making other plans"
Enjoy the moment please in truth its all we have!!

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