Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Pills and yet more pills!

Pills and yet more pills, apparently we are consuming more pills per man, woman and child than at any time in recorded history!
Considering that the underdeveloped world cannot afford or often obtain pills then this should give the rest of us in the so called developed world pause to think.
For myself I want to make just a couple of comments.
Our bodies, when given the chance, are remarkably subtle and intellegent systems.
Do we listen to them or give them a chance to tell us what they need, answer this for yourself. Do you?
If you learn to listen to your body then it will tell and show you what you need to consume, and no, I am not talking about your personal addictions or greed that is something else!
The second comment is this have you ever counted how many different pills you take from vitamins and supplements to medications?
How many times doctors will give you a cream for this and these pills for that?
My comment is that few if any drugs are ever tested for anything other than the specific action that they are designed to deliver.
In other words few medications are tested against each other and certainly not with vitamins or other supplements that affect our systems and that many consume daily.
Like a junkie taking uppers and downers many people today find themselves feeling worse rather than better.
Often on going back to their doctor they are given more pills, no prizes for guessing what is happening to their systems.
Oh! and add to that the fact that seldom does any medication make any distinction between the dosage for an eighty year old fifty kilo diabetic or a twenty year old eighty kilo tri-athelete.
What to do?
Eat intellegently and try to let go of the pills.
Learn to listen to your body.
Smile more.


Anonymous said...

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dickie said...

Nowadays anti-depressives, poorly tested are prescribed to children. The farmaceutical industry is making loads of profits and manipulating doctors to prescribe their drugs, especially when these are more expensive than other same purpose. This, ofcourse has an impact on healthcare, governments are paying waisted money, except maybe for the Kiwi-model in New Zealand that chooses the cheapest drug for the right purpose. Just in case you still want to use classical medication, ofcourse .......