Friday, September 30, 2005

85% of all illness is caused by fear

Got your attention?

Modern western medecine is fully involved in the fight against symptoms.

Cancer for example is the physical symptom of an underlying cause.

The cure for cancer cannot be found in anything physical, the cure for it's symptoms might be.

The cause of 85% of disease is fear. Yes really, not the symptoms the true causes.

So a moment of honesty, what are your fears?

Yes you do have some, most modern humans have fears.

How do I get them out?

This journey is difficult because you have spent all your life hiding them from yourself.

No one answer, nor is it the same answer as we are all different.

All that we can say here is that this is part of our work and should you seriously want help then get in touch.

The journey from fear is the journey of self-healing.

There is only ever self-healing.

The self-healing we ae talking about is for our body, mind and soul as it is this that makes up our personal hologram.

And why would you want to do this?

Quite simply because you do not know how great life can be as you get rid of your fears.

Time to start?

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