Monday, September 26, 2005

More Mind

Science is usually considered to be the province of the mind. Scientists are proud of their minds.

Our culture is based to a large extent on mind, our progress is thought to lie in further developement of the mind.

Ever wondered why most major human insights have arrived when the person having the insight was not thinking, was not in his mind?

New science understands clearly that we have to move beyond mind.

What is beyond mind?

Beyond mind is intuition, which is thought from the heart.

How do I learn that?

Interesting, so look at this, how does a mother know that her child is in danger?

Answer, her intuition based upon enormous love for her child.

Love is in the heart, so to learn this requires that we learn to listen to our hearts.

To listen to our heart means learning how to silence our mind, which in our modern world dominates the heart.

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