Sunday, September 25, 2005

Change your life

Possbily the single most important thing you can learn in this life is the truth of reincarnation and karma.

Reincarnation is believed by more people than not on this planet.

Reincarnation and karma are the mechanisms by which our insane genocidal little planet can be understood.

It is the only only only explanation that makes sense.

The Christian church taught and accepted the teachings of reincarnation and karma until 523AD when the semi- literate and personally ambitious church fathers of the time decided to ban it's teachings.

There are two books on this subject which are generally acknowledged to be excellent and they are : Reincarnation A New Horizon in Science,Religion and Society by Sylvia Cranston and Carey Williams the other, a classic Reincarnation: The Phoenix Fire Mystery compiled and edited by Joseph Head and Sylvia Cranston.

Why should you learn about this?

Because once you find the truth of this for yourself you have the gateway to the meaning of life.

Once you have the meaning of life you can know why you are here.

Once you know why you are here you can act upon this knowledge.

If you have the discipline, courage and will power to act upon this knowledge your life is changed.

Then you can truly find peace of mind.

Peace of mind is what every human wants whether or not he knows this.

Bon voyage, be brave.

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