Thursday, September 22, 2005

"Iffy" days

Iffy days....................... we all have them.

An iffy day is when you wake up and everyting is the same as it was when you went to sleep.......your bank balance is the same, your relationships are the same, everything is the same but you just feel negative, down, depressed.

First thing to know is that for most people, except those who are clinically depressed, these waves usually last for about half a day. So if you wake up with one then by about lunch time it should start to shift. If it does not and stays with you for days then this is another subject entirely and one where you need professional support.

So for most an iffy day is best dealt with by getting so busy and involved that you cannot think of your problems. For men it is slightly different from women.

For men often strong sports, potential danger do the trick. Examples are playing squash. riding a motorbike quickly, skiing, skateboarding, rollerblading, cycling in a city anything that does not allow you to think about your problems, and on the calmer side meditation, sleep.

For women talking with someone where you must concentrate, looking after someone who needs focussed attention, meditation, sleep seem to work best.

For both men and women having two or three action plans ready is important so the moment you feel an iffy period coming on you can go straight into plan A or B.

Do not dwell on whether you should or not as this is part of the iffy day's strength it wants you to procrastinate, feed it.....................resist!

May you all have fewer and fewer iffy days!

Naturally iffy days are more complex than I have indicated above and at a future date we can look at the underlying causes, here we are just finding ways to deal with the iffy day

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