Thursday, September 22, 2005

Consciousness my eye

Consciousness is a tricky subject as it is huge in its dimensions, so here I just want to touch upon one aspect of consciousness.

This aspect is how we see the world with our eyes.

We usually assume that because we see a shade of beautiful red that others see the same shade. Not so

We also assume that what we see is what others see, again often not so.

Essentially what is going on is that our consciousness is like a series of filters, which allow us to see colour and beauty according to our level of consciousness.

If your consciousness evolution is higher than mine then what you see is clearer and more beautiful than I can see.


Because consciousness is like a volume control, the more you open it the more it delivers.

Consciousness evolution is the only serious evolutionary path open to man as it is only by expanding our consciousness that we can better understand science, nature and our other possible avenues of growth and understanding.

Check out if others see what you see!

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