Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What we do

We, my name is Antony and my partner is Ljuba, have started this blog as a means of making contact with those of you who have questions or problems about life.
Our work starts from this point
Truth is a most slippery thing; definitions do not help much as they do not say more than we already know.
We suggest that truth matters, as it is one of the only ways in which we can try to improve behavior in individuals or societies.
Evil by contrast is something we can all see and hate for its contempt for life and the well being of others.
Religion is so often stuck in dogma and ritual that it has forgotten the message of its founders
Love is confused with sex and few seem to understand that you cannot love if you are living in fear.
Most humans today suffer from fear; call it stress, and pressure, what you will.
The pressures of life are often cumulative and build throughout our lives.
Politics is the game of power and powerful interest groups serving themselves often at the expense of society.
Many feel powerless in the face of these facts of human life.
To move beyond being stuck in this mess consider that without having a context for my life how can I know where I am or what I am part of? If I do not know why I am here or what it is about then I am literally lost. If I am lost then for sure life is pressure.
What is the human race about? What is it here for?
What am I about and what am I here for?
· As a first step we need a context.
· Second to know what is going on in and with myself
· Third how do I find and get rid of my deep fears and stresses?
· Forth to learn how to heal myself.
· Fifth what to do with my life and relationships?
· Sixth how to become the master of myself, how to find peace of mind.
· Seventh what and how can I contribute?
To learn about these and other difficult subjects some preparatory work is necessary and it is this that we are about.
The degree to which we heal ourselves is the degree to which we can find peace of mind.
We would suggest that what most of us really want is peace of mind. Happiness for example is an emotion so it comes and goes as it will.....beyond our control, but if we can find peace of mind then no matter what comes our way we are OK.
Life throws us many unexpected experiences and our success in making good choices depends on our consciousness.
Our consciousness is all we have so anything that we can do to improve or expand it is to our advantage.
Expansion of consciousness leads to many direct and indirect benefits, including many or great pertinence to modern life.
So the above is quite enough for a first posting, now we have the interesting job of getting this site known.............
Should you stumble upon this and find that it resonates then get in touch.

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