Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mmmmm - 66

Thought arises before desire

The original impulses have come from thought

What we call the desires of the body have their origin in thought

Thought arises before desire

The thought acts on the brain

The brain acts on the bodily organs

and then desire awakens

It is not the outer stimulus that arouses the bodily organs

but the brain impressed by a thought

Wrong thought must therefore be slain, ere desire can be extinguished

Desire is the outcome of separateness, aiming at the satisfaction of self in matter

Now the flesh is a thing of habit; it will repeat mechanically a good impulse or a bad one, according to the impression made upon it, and will continue to repeat it

It is thus not the flesh which is the original tempter, although it may repeat automatically motions imparted to it, and so bring back temptations

in nine cases out of ten it is the lower manas which by its images leads the flesh into temptations

Then the body automatically sets up repetitions


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