Friday, October 17, 2008

Leh - Jummu Kashmir India

Some places leave an indelible mark on you

One such for me is Leh in Jammu Kashmir in North West India also known as Little Tibet

Until fairly recently it was only approachable by road for a few months every year before the snows made the roads impassable again

Not surprising really as the road over the high passes goes over 4,000 meters or 13,000 ft and where the snow arrives in September and only melts in April/May

Driving at this altitude most experience headaches while the body adjusts to the altitude and the air pressure

Today it is just a short flight from Delhi

Shame really because it is yet another short cut in life where you make no effort, just pay money and arrive

In the times I refer to flying was not an option, unless you were in the Indian Armed forces, so all endured, and that is what it was, a bumpy and long journey over the mountains from Manali

Why though am I mentioning Leh?

Why because I met remarkable people there and had some very unusual experiences

The town itself is not so remarkable except the irrigation system which is amazing and crucial to the towns well being

The people are a mixture of Indian and Tibetan and friendly to outsiders

Leh is very old and while not part of the Old Silk Road was a trading centre from way way back

The remarkable people I met were Tibetan and who taught me several things about mind control and patience

Others took me to special places where I saw amazing sights and again taught me things about healing through control of energy by the mind

These were powerful teachings, however the energy of Leh and the special places I visited were also special and so quite often I find myself thinking about Ladakh and the time spent there

In your life you probably also have a special place and or time which still resonates with you

Somewhere which gave you unique experiences

A time which was special

For all of us such times are worth remembering because the resonance is still there if we want it to be

Try it, remember that special place or time

If you do then the energy you experienced can be with you again


So when we want we can feel how it was and that is why I mention it because to feel that special time again is neat

Special times are worth remembering and experiencing again
Question are you still creating special times or are you just bumbling through life?
Life goes so fast today it is all too easy just to bumble through
Take control of your time and do something interesting create another special time

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dennis said...

I wish all the pics (they are beautiful) had captions/place-names. Would have helped the "Wanderer" in planning where to make the route 'meander' to.
Best wishes,
Doc Lawrence