Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For how long?

Will this crisis last?

Several years for sure

And then maybe more

No one knows

One thing is for certain and that is that it is not just a financial or economic crisis

The media might like this as it would allow them to pretend they understand things


This crisis is more likely to meld into new and bigger issues

Issues also of a global nature

Such as water, climate change, health issues, social unrest, war and ongoing "unseasonal weather"

Notice how somewhere on the planet at any given moment there is what the weather men like to call "unseasonal weather" seems like a nice way of avoiding the obvious that our world climate is changing fast

This uncertainty is having social and economic consequences

So for how long?

How about the rest of your lives

Yes it is likely that we will experience continuing discontinuities for the rest of our lives

Most probably there will be lulls which will con us into believing that things are back to normal

Then bang and off we will go again

In this scenario no one is exempt

This means that it would do no harm if you started saying to yourself how does this affect me?

What should I think about?

What can help me?


Without good health everything is tougher

And in times of increased uncertainty good health is even more important

So think about your health

Just one thing will help

Letting go of fear

Call it stress if you like

Let it go by staying in the moment

Worrying will not help your health

So stay in the moment

This moment now not thinking about what has happened

Not what might just stay in this moment

If you can manage this then life and your health will benefit

And just for your information this time we are living in is known as Kali juga

And Kali juga is a time of great difficulties

It is also for those with imagination a time of great opportunity

Take your pick

How will this life be for you?

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