Monday, October 13, 2008

Never say

I am nothing

Never put yourself down

No one, nobody is nothing

No one is too small

Everyone has a contribution to make

It might not seem that way when you see wealth and success all around you

Sometimes we are down and feel worthless

Sometimes it all seems too much

And yes these are normal human experiences

Whoever we are

We did not come into this life because we know it all

We came into this life to learn and because we do not know it all

To learn humility perhaps

To serve for sure

We all have to serve someone

Even if it is your higher self

Lift yourself out of negative mindsets

Understand clearly that the games and banality of human society are not why you are here

Competing with morons is not the game

The game of life is to learn

To grow

To be the best you can in each and every minute with whatever comes your way

No more self pity

Respect yourself

Be the best you can with whatever is sent your way

Nature asks no more of you than this

Just be the best you can

Whatever your situation

Never say you are worthless

You and everyone else are on the same journey even if many do not know this

Keep your self respect

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