Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lunch in the city

We all eat

Most eat lunch

Some days it might be at your desk

Other days in town

Prices seem to keep on rising

Sometimes we eat in a hurry

No matter

Lunch should be a nice meal


Because it is in the middle of the day

A time when we are all awake

Fully on our game

And yet as with so many other things we just rush through it

Do you remember what you ate for lunch yesterday?

Like the rest of our lives just rushing through

Slow down


Enjoy wherever you eat

Enjoy whatever you eat

There is no tomorrow only now

Enjoy it consciously

Savour things, don't be so preoccupied that you notice nothing

Life is a real drag if all you do is worry

Stop the thinking while you eat too

It does nothing good for your digestion

Deep breath and let out all the stress

Feel it rush out

Laugh out loud

At anything it does not matter

What matters is that you do not take yourself or your life so seriously

Lighten up

Enjoy that lunch

And smile at all the serious people bolting down their food

Cut your own path through life

Bon appetit

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yesterday I had lunch in a new small korean restaurant, special tasting soup with very sticky rice and very spicy cabbage. With all of that I had sweet korean herbal tea. It was tasty and I really enjoyed it, just 30m on a cold rainy day with a sense of Korea in Freiburg. That was nice! :)