Thursday, October 30, 2008

Modern Dentistry

Is something many people prefer not to think about

Time we did though

Because dentists have increased their insights and understanding into their subject area over the last few years

They have raised their game and now understand a lot more

Our teeth are central to so much of our well being, more so than most of us realise

Teeth are a central part of our health and well being

And as such deserve our attention

Try having toothache and you very quickly remember why it is worth looking after your teeth

Gums too are important as bad gums can also teach us lessons as to the importance of preventive attention

So how come so many people are lazy about looking after their teeth?

Cost reasons are one as modern dentistry is not cheap

Better teeth is another as many people have better teeth as a result of fluoride when they were young so do not see the importance of preventative checkups

Just too busy with other more important things is maybe the most common reason

Time to change our thinking maybe

Possibly the most important thing to know about teeth is that they affect our overall health

In more ways than we realize

Most of us have heard that mercury fillings are not a very good idea

If you haven't and have mercury in your mouth then get it out because it is doing you no good at all

Sugar affects our teeth in a bad way particularly if it is the white kind found in most restaurants and coffee shops

Start eating brown or less refined sugar where the good things have not been taken out of it

Check your bite as often we bite at an angle which is not so good for us over the long term

An off centre bite can cause us damage to our head and spine both of which function better when not stressed

New equipment and materials are now being used which allow dentists to do more interesting and difficult work

For the patient this means less pain and quicker treatments

Dentists can also see the teeth and any problem areas better as old x ray technology gives way to more modern 'layered' scanning techniques and digital equipment

New imaging software and cameras, which will allow clients, if they wish, to see inside their own mouths on a screen directly in front of them
Teeth whitening technology is more advanced and certainly having nicer looking teeth can enhance your smile
Implant treatments to porcelain veneers are part of a modern dentists range of skills and can help many as they get older
Fillings, and oral health advice are common whereas in earlier times dentists were often not so hot on the softer skills of patient education and information sharing
As mouth cancer is on the increase dentists are able to help patients understand what they should look for and what they should avoid
Healthy teeth are central to our well being as our mouth is central to how we speak, eat and interact with our body system and those around us.
Certainly this is worth a little effort and attention
As they say "Look after your body and it will look after you"

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