Thursday, October 23, 2008


Are maybe just an English phenomenon

For those who do not know hoodies are young usually teenagers who like to wear hooded tops

They are often associated with violence and trouble

Rightly or wrongly the media often portray the wearing of hoods as somehow being next to drug dealing or being about to mug old ladies or to rob stores

For sure sometimes these things happen

It is also true that in England's weather hoods are a smart way to stay warm and dry

They also unite young people

They also frighten old people

So the media hype it up and few look beyond

That many of these young have dysfunctional families

Have often modest educations

Live on horrific soulless council estates

Have few or no job opportunities

Are often hassled by the police particularly if they are from a minority group

In a way it is quite convenient for society to have this group to focus attention on

To blame them for this and that

It diverts attention from the failure of successive governments to address the issues that unite all of the above problems

Society cannot avoid it's responsibility for this situation

Locking them up after taking their DNA is not an answer

At some point politics like banks have to address difficult issues

Politicians do not want to do so

The problems will fester on

Hoodies merely give society yet one more shudder to worry about.

Ever thought how convenient it is for societies everywhere to have their bogey groups?

Groups that by definition cannot fight back or protect themselves

Quite neat really because you can always focus energy on them when you need diversions

Neat also as you can always get ever more money to deal with the 'problem'

Yes bogey groups are the oil of society

They provide scare, entertainment, shock, horror, revulsion at the touch of a button

Every country has it's hoodies

Ever thought of that?

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