Monday, October 20, 2008

Loving politicians

Great time to be alive

Give me a break !

Yes really

A time when all the old certainties are being swept away

A time of danger particularly for politicians

When times are 'normal' people resent change, resist change

Politicians play on this introducing ever more rules and laws to protect us
Saving life they say
Protecting us from terrorism they pretend

What a beautiful excuse this is for ever more controls

Endless, remorseless the march of the bureaucrats

When times are difficult politicians have to adjust

They are no longer in control

They no longer deal in certainties

They can no longer offer up their worn excuses

They are confronted with the unknown

Suddenly politicians have to lead

They have to come up with ideas

They are being judged by electorates that would just love to have some revenge for their arrogance and disdain

Electorates have so few chances to check politicians and their behaviour

How long will these times last?
Off and on for the rest of our lives probably

Importantly in uncertain times politicians do not have enough money to carry out all their unnecessary schemes

This is a relief for all thinking people

They even have to cut back on their ever increasing demand for more money

Possibly the only time when there is any real check on their endless march towards total world domination

Too bad for them the old ways no longer work or apply

So change it is

What makes this so interesting is that previously 'unacceptable' ideas must now be considered

Have to be because the old no longer work

Will they get them right?

Time will tell

For once in our lives politicians are very exposed

They cannot delay or hide in endless commissions or committees

The times demand action

Make sure you help push them towards more accountability

And performance

Crisis is the one of the only times people can really enjoy watching their politicians work

The only downside is that often they make poor decisions

Sadly nothing is ever perfect

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