Sunday, October 19, 2008

So much to worry about

So many humans rushing around

wondering why they are here

wondering what it's all about

is there something significant behind all these financial crashes and violent nature outbursts?

Wondering also about their lives

Small nagging voice saying it can't be this banal

This brutal and hedonistic, selfish and self centered material life one might even say

Can it?

Why is it so stressful, so pressured, so difficult?

It can't be this meaningless, so silly with politicians pontificating on everything under the sun

Imposing ever more constraints on our few remaining freedoms

All this preoccupation with money and the economy

As if this is the only measure of anything

Mindless articles in the media

Mindless greedy charlatans fleecing the gullible and unwary

Take you mind off it for a moment

Read this with attention because it is the truth

Many millions of years ago (yes millions, 18 million to be more precise) modern man evolved from his predecessors on this planet

And no our predecessors were not monkeys they were humans in different form

As a point of accuracy monkeys descended from our ancestors not the other way around

Modern man being defined by his newly acquired sexual reproduction

Before this time our ancestors had different methods of reproduction

Modern man has been through many many lives, we all have

We were all part of this journey

We have all been through these times in many many different lives in countless reincarnations

It's the law of the universe

Each of us must move through each lesson, each stage of our consciousness evolution

Living life after life until we learn our lessons

This is why we have so many different levels of humanity today

Some of us learn others don't

No old souls, no young souls just souls more conscious and others less conscious

And these souls manifesting in human form from life to life

And no it is not true that you can regress back to animal once you have been human

All humans experiencing different civilisations as they come and go

For example yes there was an Atlantis as we call it

It was not a city nor was it in the Mediterranean it was a continent like Europe or North America today but bigger than both put together

It covered what is today called the Atlantic ocean and a lot more

It had many races, many different languages, degrees of civilisation just as we have today

And yes the tallest were considerably bigger than us with some being over four metres tall, that's over sixteen feet for Anglo Saxons

And yes that's why all races have stories of giants, they were real

Some of us were giants in those times

Just let the idea float around you were present in those times just as you are today

This is our real heritage

Those tall ones were known as the builders and constructed many of the finest remains left on our planet including the great pyramid in Egypt, Stonehenge, Mach Picchu and others

And no they were not built only ten or eleven thousand years ago

They were built towards the end of Atlantis around seventy to eighty thousand years ago

The mid point of Atlantis was around 850,000 years ago, which gives a strong clue as to why we do not find too many remains

The Atlanteans were the fourth major race and we in Europe are the fifth sub race of the fifth race

There will be two more sub races before the end of this race

In total there will be seven races

And you will have many lives in these two remaining sub races before the fifth race finishes

As both male and female

Hopefully doing better than we are now, because the future of any race and sub race is up to its members

Around the Universe there are many, maybe countless, races evolving along the same path as ourselves if not in the same form or mentality

During each major race a teacher comes down to planet earth and teaches the humanity of the the time basic rules of behaviour, politics, justice, technology and so on

And each sub race without fail would adhere to these rules for some time

The so called golden ages of legend and myth

Then greed and power would rear their nasty heads and society would decline

Just like ours today

The race would end with a mega punch up between the good and bad guys

The god guys would prevail

The final cataclysm would arrive

A small band of humans survive, breeding stock if you will for the next race when the time arrives

This catastrophic cataclysm alternates between floods and earthquakes, and yes that's why young religions like Christianity have stories however garbled of floods and earthquakes taken from myths and legends handed down from race to race

In fact the next such catastrophe is due in about 15,000 years time and will be in the form of earthquakes the likes of which we cannot imagine

Although long before this mega catastrophe nature will commence it's rumblings

This has already started and will continue until that major cataclysm, although what we are experiencing so far is like the slight breeze before a major storm

Because nature builds up slowly many will breath a sigh of relief after each major hit and proclaim that now we are back to normal

Wrong, there is no normal from here on in, just gaps in between

After that major cataclysm there will be a long period where the earth heals and recovers from the adjustments to land and ocean changes wrought by the cataclysm

A long, long period of time, longer than we could imagine will elapse

And those small bands of humans who survive will revert to basic survival strategies

The other humans being 'off planet' in spirit form until it is time to return again

This long time spent will not be apparent to those in what the Buddhists call Devachan or the Christians Heaven

Nor will anyone wonder at the changed planet or the new circumstances when finally the majority of humans return to earth as members of the new sixth race
Any more than a new born baby does today

Every generation accepts as natural what it finds on being born and growing up in that environment

For humans today from now on these increasing disruptions will cause ever more dislocation

They will be a major test of current humanity's evolution and flexibility

Still wondering why you are here?

To learn, to grow, to be the best you can be

To experience every stage of our journey until your consciousness expands and you become one with nature
Many many millions of years from now
If you make it that is
Your progress is up to you
No one will push you it is your choice how you use each life
Yes you are responsible for whether or not you evolve
You alone
Your choice
Wake up !
This life and other lives are no free ride they are part of an amazing journey
One of effort, discipline and will power
The reward is to become at one with nature
"To come back from whence we started and to know it for the first time"
Enough for one blog
We can only add that in our own lives we live directly what we are talking about
Doing so we experience our abilities growing and becoming more conscious
Our results become more powerful and coherent
A neat way of knowing that one is going down the right path
We can all go this way
How about you?

PS: If you wondered about the picture on top each little black dot represents a measured earthquake, yup each little dot

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