Monday, October 27, 2008


How nice that that it is finished

All of us have these times

Times when we have to do things that we really do not want to do

Have to sit for hours doing something we don't like or listening politely for hours

And then so often we forget that we have to do this all over again every day or many more times

Whatever it is

Think do you really want to go on putting up with it?

Bet you don't

So unless the reward is amazing then time to consider your options

Time to change things

Time to create a new life
Move on try something else

Life really is so short that it seems such a waste to put up with situations that really get you frustrated

So often we accept the walls around us

Without recognising that we can walk out or move on


Do you have any clarity about what you would prefer to do?

Do you have any ideas?

Are you stuck in self perceptions of failure and mediocrity?

Winter is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere which is not a bad time to do courses

To study or work at changing your cv

Are you doing anything this winter to enhance your life?

Are you going to do anything interesting at all?

Life goes so quickly a course seems so long but once started it goes quickly

Do not waste this winter use it to move your life into new possibilities

Possibilities that allow you to d what you really want to do with your life

Those who do what they truly care about find life powerful and rewarding

Those who just work to make money often find life quite a drag

Choose to identify what is truly important to you

Then decide to find a way to make this your life
Find a way to earn your living from this activity or interest
Yes it can be done

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