Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thought to Act to Habit to Character to Destiny

What does that mean?

Your life actually

Thoughts lead to acts and actions which lead to habits which in turn create our character which results in your destiny or karma

Simple simple idea so easy to read, now please think twice

What are your thoughts today?

These thoughts are shaping you life literally

Don't like some of them then change them

Every moment man is thinking thoughts

Shame because so many of them are unworthy

And those unworthy thoughts are going to come back and cause you pain

Changing your thoughts changes your life

Changes you

Find beautiful or positive thoughts about everything

This on a simple level is why positive thinking works

Why affirmations work

Unfortunately without cleaning up your thoughts those affirmations won't last for long

Nothing lasts for long without work

So work please on finding good things to say about everything and everyone

Thoughts are so powerful in shaping what we experience

So often we have negative or bad thoughts and assume that they have no impact or power because we did not say them out loud


Those thoughts have energy and go from you with that energy of jealousy, anger, dislike, frustration or whatever

And as we know what goes round comes round

Karma operates on everything and everyone and will adjust whatever we send out

So in simple language if you do not want the energy of the bad thought back then do not think it or send it out

Thought leads to act to habit to our character which moves us towards our destiny and the karma we experience

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