Saturday, October 11, 2008

Depressing news

Surrounds us

So we become expert at filtering out those things that we do not want to see, hear or absorb

We are masters of avoidance

Getting on with our lives

Shrugging our shoulders and saying "what can I do about it anyway"?

True with such a mindset what can you do?


There is another way though

If your life view is typically Western

And you have never really searched for the truth of things

Then yes you must be getting a bit nervous around about now what with global warming and other seemingly intractable problems clearly upon us

So we say it again

If you want to change the world then start with yourself

Learn yourself, challenge yourself

Make your thoughts more balanced, find the truth of things

Truth does exist and once found alters our understanding and experience of life

We can only understand life when we know ourselves

And once embarked upon this exploration of self, if done with open mindedness and honesty

Then help will appear, not immediately you have to show your determination and sincerity first

You will be challenged


And if you keep going and begin to behave with honesty and without false pretense

Dropping your ego games

Then yes help will come your way

At first it is usually in the form of suggestions to look over here or there

Courses, seminars and the rest

A busy time of taking on board new ideas

Usually you will find disappointment and yet at the same time a learning, a growing awareness of this unfamiliar world

Feeling that in here somewhere there must be truth

This is just the way it must be when we undertake this journey

Keep going

Beware those who proclaim their knowledge

Those who ask for money

Yes there are so many around today who claim to be gurus, masters, enlightened whatever

Beware their games for this is what they offer, there are very few who are genuine

This search and movement in your life will by itself begin to shift who and what you are

Then one day you will meet someone who really does know

This experience will change your life

Depressing news will take on a new meaning becoming less threatening

And further down the road fear leaves you as you understand the purpose and truth of things

Not easy though, but then nothing worthwhile ever is.

The only way to move beyond depressing news is knowledge

And the understanding of the way things truly are

An amazing world filled with light and love

Sure there is plenty of darkness too, but then it is our choice as to what we focus on.

Once we begin to understand the bigger context then all makes sense

As above so below is a well know phrase

And so it is in reality

Depressing news is only so in it's context beyond this life can be amazing

Choose the direction of truth about yourself and our planet

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