Thursday, April 27, 2006

Disappearing spaces

Our experience of time is changing our lives.

The demands on our lives keep us running all week long, time seems to disappear.

Seems to or is it really disappearing?

Something is different, what is it can you put your finger on it?

Is it your life or is it what we are part of?

If I am the same then it must be what I am part of surely?

So what is different in what I am part of?

All the spaces are being filled in, modern urban life leaves no spaces.

What spaces?

Sound is everywhere, in the air, on the radio, in shops, stations it does
not matter where you go there is intrusive uninvited sound.

There are images everywhere too.

Oh and controls on everything, you need passes and licences for everything.

Everything is crowded, there are so many more of us now.

So the spaces are going or have gone.

Yes, really notice how you have no spaces.

Learn to take back your spaces.

Build space back into your life!

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