Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Thought on love

The only true love is unconditional love, anything else is a negotiation, a deal an arrangement.

Example,I give you my beauty, my youth, you give me your money and security is one of the most common.

So back to unconditional love.

If one partner wants to leave and you truly love the other then you let go with love, whatever the pain.

Could you?

It's a tough thing to do and few of us are able, however that is the meaning of unconditional love.

Leave your list of demands at the door.

Enter love with open eyes and an open heart.

If the other cannot or will not meet you in the same spirit move on.

This person is not for you.

No rationalisations just move on.

How lucky we are when we find our incompatibilities early on.

Better living alone than living a lie.

Unconditional love is all there is.

Learn to live in unconditional love.

With or without a partner.

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