Sunday, February 18, 2007

Just 3 steps

Three simple little steps which will change your life.

1 - Locate and look at your fears

2 - Learn to control your mind.

3 - Open your heart.

Simple to say and so very difficult to do.

Why try?

Because it is the gateway to peace of mind and any further evolution of consciousness in this life.

The first step is best approached by looking at your childhood and seeing if you can find what traumas and fears lurk from there.

The second is starting to meditate, learning to stop thinking, trying to control the mind.

The third is trusting that it is OK to be open to life and true unconditional love.

To achieve the above would be a mega achievement, so do not feel bad if your progress is modest.

For your encouragement the reason it will change your life is that it brings greater harmony, more balance and increased peace of mind.

So however modest your progress can you think of anything else in this world that can give so much?

Just 3 steps.

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