Friday, June 09, 2006

Emotional tiredness

Is possibly the most tiring of the various types of tiredness we feel.

Why is emotional tiredness so draining?

Because it touches the deepness in us.

It moves us in ways that other things cannot.

It touches those things that we have opened to.

Things we have trusted.

People we believed.

The unguarded core of our being.

That's why emotional tiredness is so draining.

When you experience this tiredness, shower, lie down, empty your mind, conversely be busy fill your mind with other thoughts.

Time heals is an old cliche however it is true so keep busy while you heal.

1 comment:

Linda Murray said...

Nice. This is a great simple to read way out of being emotionally hijacked by overwhelm.

From being emotionally hijacked a few too many times.

It's always a fight, contradicting it self through the evidence: "You need to do something to resolve this or get more tired!!!".

But in reality your just emotional, because others did stuff that caused you to stay that way. And that happening too long is a vvveerrryyy sssllloooowwwww pprroocceessss.... Nottt evennnn fundedddd by any energy.....aside frommm more tiredness......