Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Strange things

The most strange things happen continually in nature, and hardly attract our attention.

They do not seem strange to us, although we do not understand them; merely because we are accustomed to see them every day.

Who would be so “foolish” as to believe that a tree could grow out of a seed

– as there is evidently no tree in the seed

– if his experience had not told him that trees grow out of seeds in spite of all arguments to the contrary ?

Who would believe that a flower would grow out of a plant, if he had not seen it, for observation and reason show that there is no flower in the stalk ?

Nevertheless, flowers grow, and cannot be disputed away.

Wonder at the strange things we take for granted.

Without wonder this world is indeed a sorry place.

Strange things are all around us.

Notice your world.


Anonymous said...

WOW Antony, this is a most beautiful one. I hope many people read it!!!

Anonymous said...

Dans le même genre.... lu dans un livre :
"ce que la chenille appelle la fin du monde, le maître appelle un papillon"

In English?

Antony said...

Most of the better ideas appear over and over, this is how we learn them........ever so slowly