Saturday, August 19, 2006

After the storm

Meaning after a period of life difficulty.

After feeling out of sorts.

After feeling down and depressed.

Then we come up and feel more cheerful again.

Forget everything until the next time.

Not smart!

It is very human to do this and yet not very helpful.

Simply because when the next time comes along you go through the same stuff because you did not take the time to learn anything.

Observe while you are down what you are feeling.

Make a note, jot it down.

So that when you come out of it and want to forget there is that little note waiting to remind you what went on.

Then go through it from a-z and see if you can see what was happening.

Talk about it with anyone who can help.

Anyone who was involved.

Why did you go down?

What triggered the feeling?

How can you get this feeling out?

Move on, learn so that you can take steps to avoid the same pain again.

Must be smarter than ignoring it.

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