Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Environment - by request

If you have not noticed things are hotting up in all senses of that word.

We are close or at what is called the "tipping point" for many things

The Amazon rain forest, shown above - continued tree felling - changing local climate

The Mekong delta - misuse and abuse

The Gulf stream - slowing down - reduced salinity

Disappearance of species, everywhere from ocean to mountain to your country

Yes even where you live, your town your street.

Your own quality of life even.

This blog will urge that we all do our individual bit to slow this process.


Because it is the right thing to do, and also allows us to psychologically feel OK with ourselves.

More than this though is how you see life.


Because if you see life as a one off random experience then does it really matter?

Stay selfish consume all you want behave like it is nothing to do with you.

If you have been telling yourself that life is a one off experience in a meaningless universe then how come something keeps nagging at you?

Stop being lazy, look into these things for yourself.

Do not blindly accept what your parents or priests told you, find out for yourself.

If however you believe in reincarnation then yes it matters.

So the environment is not just under attack it is how we see our lives.

It really is how we see our lives and why we think we are here

How do you see yours?

Are you involved?

Make wise choices.

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