Sunday, September 17, 2006

Deep sadness

Does so much harm.

It does so much harm that is if you stay in deep sadness.

If you live in the past feeling sad for whoever you miss.

Constantly thinking about them.

Constantly talking about them.

Our life is not about living in the past.

Life is about operating in the here and now.

Nothing is gained from endless reference to something in the past.

The only reason to look in the past is to learn and having done so let it go.

Deep sadness after a suitable period of mourning is a form of sickness.

An excuse to avoid being here now.

A story where you can excuse not facing life.

Avoiding moving on with life now.

It is certainly not about those who have gone.

Deep sadness is not a viable life strategy .

Let deep sadness go, it's gone.


Anonymous said...

What is the trick for letting go ..? We know ..we should let go .. but "how" ?
Please help.

Antony said...

Sorry for the late reply, but life did not let me get to a machine for a few days.
To answer your question is our work so contact us at and then we can communicate more easily.