Saturday, September 23, 2006

In fear

Nothing affects us more than our fears.

Fear affects all our decisions

Fear changes our health on all levels physical, mental, and emotional.

Fear influences our enjoyment of life.

If this is true then how come we all ignore or accept living in our fears?

Particularly if fear does so much damage?

Is it because we are frightened that things will be worse if we move or disturb the status quo?

Sad fact is that this fear of the unknown feeds on itself and makes things worse over time.

For many this is reality just hoping that things will not get worse.

Today nature will no longer accept this.

All of us are being obliged to look at our fears.

We live in times where none of us may say nay to change.

Change is nature's way of obliging us to take action.

Fear is only possible where we use our minds thinking about those things that frighten us.

Two courses of action then.

Learn to stop endlessly thinking about the things that worry us.

Secondly remove the cause, and for this second step most need help.

Get in touch.

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