Monday, October 30, 2006


If you are not growing you are dying.

Are you growing or dying?

We exercise our bodies, sometimes.

Our emotions get exercised by life's experiences.

Our minds we often forget assuming that they are fine.

Overall a fairly sloppy way of ensuring our well being.

Well that's what everybody else does.

Yes and look at the state of most of them.

Lemming like behaviour is fine for lemmings but we are not lemmings.

Take steps to create the health you want for yourself.

Perfect health is only given to little children and even then not all the time.

So make a conscious choice to improve your total health from body to mind to soul.

Funny thing is we feel better if we make the effort so how come so often we don't?

Growing is the secret of getting the most out of life even as we age.

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