Thursday, October 26, 2006

Just cars

Yes believe it or not there is supposedly some relationship between the very ordinary cars in the picture above and the young lady's feelings of obvious acute discomfort!

Vast numbers of magazines, articles, blogs, pictures devoted to cars.

Road tests about how they perform on deserted airfields where there are no speed limits.

Gushing prose extolling the virtues of yet another unexceptional new car.

And why would anyone remain interested when 90% of modern driving is in and around town in traffic?

Where you pay ever more for fuel, parking, insurance and repairs.

A huge industry providing jobs for people to talk about machines with marginal differences.

The light dawns!

In truth.

Can it be that our whole world is composed of marginal differences?

In reality there is precious little that is new under the sun.

So we are all caught in the mindless chatter of endless communications about marginal differences?

Time to let them get on with it.

Tune out mindless chatter.

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