Friday, February 09, 2007

Nothing special today

Or so it often seems.

And then something comes along and it's special.

Something took you out of your routine.

Something lifted you up or plunged you down.

Suddenly it's special propelling you into pain or pleasure.

Strong feelings.

A feeling of being more alive for better or worse.

Nothing prepares us for this.

It just arrives.

Imagine that the next time this happens you did not go so high or fall so far.

Probably a better option given that fifty percent or so of our special experiences are going to be painful.

Learning to be the observer of yourself protects from too savage an experience.

It does mean learning to control your mind though.

So that you can become that observer of what happens to you.

Start learning more about why you feel as you do.

Why you react as you do.

How you can become that observer of yourself..

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