Tuesday, February 27, 2007



What do they say?

Someone said they are a bit like SUVs

Strong and inspiring a feeling of safety.

Possibly a feeling of confidence.

How do you look at boots when you buy them?

Is it how do they protect me and keep me warm and dry

Or is it how do I look in them?

What impression do they make?

What colors do they go with?

What do they say about me?

They go with my clothes.

They make me look taller

They are a particular brand.

How about buying them because they fit and are purpose suited?

Ah what purpose?

Notice how many considerations are involved in buying one item of footwear.

Notice how many of these considerations are done without conscious thought.

Now notice how many things in our life are done without thought.

If you bring thought to everything you do then you will have less time to worry.

Worrying endlessly about your life past and future that is.

Being focused helps us to stay in the present and so avoid endless worry.

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fashion said...

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