Monday, February 05, 2007

Time out

To notice what makes you run.

What does?

Why are you here?

What for?

Do you have a reason or are you just bumbling along?

Don't know why or what for?

Well if you do not know then how can anyone else?

Some things are for us alone to decide.

Your call.

Why are you here?

Take time out to understand some things about yourself.

If you do not then you can be sure nature will by bringing you to a stop in your life.

This will take the form of an illness or something else that prevents you ignoring yourself.

Running all the time to avoid yourself..

Don't believe us then look around you.

No one gets through life without this challenge.

No one.

So be smart and think about why you are here.

Are you doing what you came into this life to do?

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