Wednesday, November 01, 2006


For all of us there are basically three types.

Your business.

My business.

Nature's business.

If you stay in "my business" life is fine.

Stray into "your business" and life is not so fine.

Try to move into nature's and life is definitely not going to be easy.

What are we talking about?

Simple if something is not your responsibility then leave it alone.

Yes really keep out unless you are asked for your help.

Do not interfere.

"Your business" is simply that so leave alone it's not yours.

Nature's business is clear it is not for us, again stay out.

Really it's simple, but oh so many of us interfere where we have no reason to go.
Stay in "my business" leave "your business" alone.

Be clear about this and life becomes simple.

Mine, yours and natures - simple.

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