Friday, December 22, 2006

Germans and British

Are the most stressed people in the world according to a new pole.

Mexicans are the least stressed.

And the cause of German and British stress?

Losing control.
Losing control of their lives.

Are they joking?

No one has control of their lives.

The illusion of control yes.

Many live in the illusion of having control, being in control.

Control is the reason for many to struggle to become this or that.

To grab as much money or power as they can.

Unfortunately though if you have a pain in your body this second then so much for your money, fame, fortune, comfort and illusion of control.

If this pain turns our to be cancer, heart attack or whatever your life is changed from one second to another.

So much for control as a worthwhile objective in life.

Recognise there is little any of us can really control.

We chase control because we believe that it will give us freedom.

In fact often it gives us more stress.

Let go of control it's an illusion.


Anonymous said...

Many people try to replace awareness by control...sad...difficult to be aware with a flow of soft energy...more usual and easy to conquer and rush forward with a strict and staright simple energy of anger or passion...leads to distruction sometimes...but still difficult to be aware

Anonymous said...

Could be true what you said... would prefer to live more stressless, too, like the Mexicans... :) Maybe the bad weather here causes this... :D Regards from Germany, Verena