Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hazard lights

Men seldom notice the hazard lights flashing from their female partners.

Little things done by men that irritate women.

Little things not done by men that irritate women.

So often men have no consciousness that their actions or lack thereof are building tension.

Sailing obliviously into squally waters.

Until suddenly the storm breaks often over apparently nothing at all.

To the man that is.

To the woman the final straw in the portfolio of errant behaviour.

So many differences between us it's a miracle we can be with each other at all.

Or is it?

How boring to imagine perfect harmony.

Homosexuals do not manage to live in perfect harmony either and they are the same sex.

So could it be that we are here to help each other grow?

To give each other that other half that we do not have?

Instead of hitting each other over the head.

Lets listen a bit more and learn from our partners.

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