Friday, December 29, 2006


I am sorry sir our official policy is five days to repair a level three problem.

But I need my machine for business and this is the second time in one month....................

No where to go.................

And then a friend says just turn it off wait ten seconds and try again.


The machine resets itself and works.

Too many times do we find ourselves at the end of a phone trying to rectify a problem with bills, phone, computer, TV or whatever.

The answer is often simple but the effort required to obtain assistance has to be herculean to wade through the call centers and levels of competence.

This is our world.
While things work fine life is great, but once one of our marvel machines breaks down then the pain begins.

Try the reset and if that does not work then regard it as an exercise in humility and patience.

Not easy but we have no real choice unless we can delegate to someone else.
Most of us cannot do this so smile and let go.

Patience is all we can learn from these things.
Frustrating problems are inevitable in a modern interdependent world.

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