Saturday, December 16, 2006


And the whole world smiles with you.

Maybe, maybe not, but when you smile is it with your face?

Or with your eyes as well?

Just another question

However how we smile has impact.

Smiling with face muscles only is often a reflexive action.

Not much meaning just a mechanical action.

Smiling with the eyes says so much more.

It lights up the area around you.

Says something to the one at whom it is directed.

Invest some energy into your smile.

Smile with your eyes!


Because your eyes are the gateway to the real you.

It is saying something warm to another human being, and that's a nice thing to do for both of you.


Anonymous said...

I did this with great awareness and it really worked. With mean russian men, they had a human smile in return; with a moslem family, smiling at their new born baby, they gave an honest smile to the western modern woman, me. to the simple cleaning lady in the bus, after a long days work, her face went was a nice day! Thank you

Antony said...

For sure it is not easy to do all the time, however the more we do so the more easy and natural it becomes...........