Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mmmmm - 38

Falsity is a theft from truth.

The man who lives by theft in time disbelieves all honesty;

With loss of discrimination comes inability to tell friend from foe;

Hence with loss of discrimination, loss of all.

So with the thief of truth:

The shell built between himself and the Spirit.

Which is embodied Truth of itself, grows impenetrable.

The seeds sown.

Of bewilderment and darkness, sin and sorrow, of errancy and delayed evolution.

Ripen and are reaped.

In the end, the deserted self cries in anguish for aid, for light; and from all the Universe comes no pitying echo, nor any faintest gleam of dawn.



Anonymous said...

What happens then to the self?

Antony said...

Eventually after many lives the soul or self disappears, is disintegrated.
This is a rare situation.
Because if there is even one small positive feeling in the self then the law of the Universe gives another chance.

Anonymous said...

Thank god!!!