Saturday, January 27, 2007

My mind

The man who has freed his mind so that it is capable of easily entering into the methods of other minds is more likely to see truth quicker than he who is fixed in his own ways.

Our first step and the most difficult - for some, indeed impossible -

Is to shock ourselves in such a manner that we can quickly get out of or rather understand our own mental methods.

We shall so analyze all our mental operations as to know with certainty the actual difference in method between ourselves and any other person.

This is a thing seldom undertaken or accomplished by men nowadays.

Each one is enamored of his own mental habits.

Disinclined to admit that any other one can be better.

When we have become acquainted with this mental path of ours, we are then in a position to see whether in any particular case our view is false.

This is the psychological and metaphysical equivalent of that scientific process which classifies and compares so as to arrive at distinguishing differences in things in order that physical laws may be discovered.

For while we remain in ignorance of the method and path of our minds action, there is no way we can compare with other minds.

We can compare views and opinions, but not the actual mechanics of the thought.


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