Friday, April 06, 2007

Life as it is

Life is just another journey between deaths



What did you think it was then?

If it is just a one off then why have you always had the nagging feeling that there must be something more to life than you experience?

Are you just frittering this life away?

It is clear that we do not take our bodies with us when we die so what goes?

Mmmmmm maybe time to think about what is really going on.

Don’t you know?

Then time to find out.

Many lives means many times here.
What have you learnt?
Life can be love
Is it for you?
If it is just filling in the days then be warned you will have to do it all over again until you learn the
lessons of each life.
Yes really
Life is not just filling in time
Life is learning
Life is growing
And if it is not then round you come again
So try to go beyond the material
Beyond I want
You have what you need to grow at all times
Yes at all times
This is not the same as what you might want
Just what you need is there for you at any given moment.
Life as it is
Use it wisely

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