Sunday, April 01, 2007

Mmmmm - 42

It has never been a secret doctrine that
"but few among mortals strive for perfection and out of those only one in ten thousand reaches the end desired".

The fundamental doctrine compels us to the conclusion that many will fail to reach immortality.

The object of reincarnation is that all the possible egos may have the chance to become immortal by uniting themselves with the spirit.

If they do not, they lose.

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Anonymous said...

Immortality, being part of the universe that is? What I am expiriencing is that knowledge helps to get rid of fear, getting rid of fear changes life, yet the way is large and failure seems to be the many stepping stones on the way. Contribution to me seems formost, because if I have immortality in view I am bound to fail. To me, this feeling of universal brotherhood may or may not give one immortality, yet is more beautiful then the aim of being immortal, that is what I mean.