Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Religion causes

More hate

More violence

More wars

Than anything else in the history of this planet.

85% or more of all wars in fact

Were or are In the name of some religion


Modern religion is as much about politics as anything else.

Let us go beyond religion

Let us chose to let them die of their own contradictions and infighting.

No one needs religion

If you want to communicate with what you believe in then do so in private.

Stop feeding this insanity
Let religions die.
Have the courage to communicate directly with whatever you believe in
The start of our Manvantara or journey was love and light
Not religion
There were teachers who gave us ideas and love
So feel this love it is our heritage
Not religion


Anonymous said...

Have the Buddhists ever fought any wars?

Antony said...

They are fighting one today in Sri Lanka

JimmyJames said...

Nice ost, and I agree with you. Religions are based on spearating people instead of accepting and loving all people as one.