Sunday, April 15, 2007

The way back

Many many do not make it.

Many become alcoholics.

Many drug addicted.
Many addicted to both.

Until you have been there it is easy to be critical

It's a pattern where those you used imbibe with will encourage you to continue

You resist, and then succumb

Just one more time.

Just this once.

It is never easy because the power of the call is still there.

Then on to near disaster

Pulling back once more

So how do some make it back then?

A desire to change.

An instinctual feeling that it is going too far.

Then some outside help.

But most important there must be a reason, a real reason.

Without a strong reason it is so hard.

And the reason?

Health to the end of your life, not wanting to be a vegetable or experience a total breakdown of the system, which is increasingly under strain.

Or having children who you realise have been left on the side while you abused yourself

Who finally you want to help grow without your addictions.

A partner perhaps who stood by you.

To who you now listen and finally understand.

Putting a structure in your life.

A discipline

Regular days

Working again.

Staying away from those who still use.

Slowly, slowly life comes back

Noticing things again, flowers, nature, smells, feelings.

The love that was around us all the time is yours again.

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