Friday, April 20, 2007

What are you looking for?

If you do not know then how do you hope to find it?

Is there one of us that does not feel that life ought to be more?

Should have some sensible meaning

Make sense

Explain the cruelty

The corruption

The way evil is so open

How nothing seems to change

Here’s the secret

There is meaning

There is sense

It does explain the nonsense

The ego games

The evil

However the rule is that we each have to search for this ourselves

No one may climb the mountain for you

No one way give you an answer

Help yes

Hints yes

You must do the work

Then you can find

Then it makes sense

Yes it exists

Time you started looking

Still waiting for someone to give you the answers?

Then for sure the feeling that life should offer more will persist

You have to look for yourself
Start now
Where to start?
How about seeing what our smart ancestors found?

What did they leave for us?
Where did they leave it?

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