Thursday, May 03, 2007

The last word

Can be the beginning or ending

Which is up to you

Do you reflect before deciding?

Or do you push to break things

Drive the final nail into the coffin

The final kick

And then what?

Stories of how you were right

Does anyone want to listen?

Usually not

Relations are between two people

Others might listen once in a while

And then you must live in your own skin

Get on with your own life

So often you must be right to justify your actions

So many people must be right

What does this mean?

Simply stated an illusion of reality

A perception of reality which is not accurate

Next time you have the last word

Give yourself a day and go back and look at it by saying

"I was wrong"

What do you find?

Interesting, play it through, "I was wrong" and mean it

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